Property search & relocation

Our Property Search and Relocation business is designed to help people find and purchase their ideal property in France. We have ourselves bought four houses here in the country and sold three. It took us this long to get it right and in the process we made some very costly mistakes. Along the way we have gleaned a wealth of knowledge and have now become adept at guiding people though both the search process, and the buying process.

We know the Charente Maritime extremely well, it is an area we are really proud to call home for our large family. Our children are at school here, we welcome guests here, we live and work here.

From the Marais Poitevin in the north, to the delightful villages along the Gironde estuary in the south and heading inland to Cognac, we cover all the bases - we offer a bespoke home search and property consultancy service which will meet all your demands with a seamless service. We pride ourselves on our honesty above all else, as working with clients who are sometimes an ocean or more away from the details we are dealing with on their behalf means that mutual trust is the most important aspect of all. 

We believe our property finding business fills a glaring gap in the local market in a country where property searches and property details are often misunderstood and not fulfilled. We speak English and French, and can liaise with both local companies and property owners to present you with the best options available, which will allow you to make well informed decisions when needed.

With many relocations already under our belt (we can provide references should you so wish) we also draw on our own experience of property buying in France.

Whether you are searching for a cottage or a château, a town house or a farm, a permanent home or a vacation house, we can help you. We'll take the stress out of buying and relocating giving you the chance to relax, have fun and start dreaming. If you're ready to find that perfect property or have any questions just drop us an email