Tailor Made Vacations

Our tailor made vacations are just that, tailor made. Designed to give you exactly what you want or perhaps what you previously thought was impossible. Perhaps you are on your own and thought a trip to France was just a dream that would never become reality. Well I really hope we can change that because one of the things we are most excited about is helping individuals achieve their dream of coming to stay with us, scroll down to the bottom to read a few more details.

Are you thinking of a mini break or a long weekend ? Would you love a trip where you can really get away from the daily routine and embrace slow living and a more natural lifestyle ?

Take time away and be inspired by nature, the seasons, local foods and our laidback French lifestyle. Our vacations are perhaps better described as retreats for anyone with a love of travel, food, wildlife, photography and France. 

Imagine learning how to cook in our warm and friendly farmhouse kitchen with the best seasonal ingredients, where the emphasis is definitely on having fun. We’ll accompany you to the market, you’ll shop for local produce and then learn how to prepare healthy fresh dishes that are simple, nutritious and incredibly tasty. 

Make delicious cakes, enjoy afternoon tea, kick back and enjoy yourself.

Alternatively if you are a nature lover come and spend a few days enjoying our guided walks; the Marais is a huge expanse of marshland which during the migration season is especially fascinating. Huge numbers of birds migrate through the area in spring and autumn, and the wetlands are also home to a wide range of mammals, reptiles and amphibians, including the very rare European Pond tortoise. In addition, this protected area of the country is host to thousands of insects, many species of which are vital to the countryside’s good health. You’ll learn about how vital these insects are and how they help our environment. 

We are extremely lucky to be situated within a kilometre of the Marais de Brouage, more than 2000 acres of preserved marshland. Your days will always include a delicious light lunch made with seasonal ingredients, whether it is here in our farmhouse kitchen or as a picnic during a full day out.

Imagine taking an apéro beside the fire, feasting on local culinary delights, sipping local wines and sharing your entire experience with us.

Come as a couple, with a friend or on your own. And don’t worry about your ability or knowledge because we’ll sit and discuss everything with you first so that your entire trip is geared towards you and what you want. 

As part of your stay you will dine with us and enjoy a true family dinner. There are no set days or length of stay. Each trip is tailored entirely to your own wishes.

But now,  we want to tell you more about our vacations for the single traveller. I keep thinking of it as “hold you hand travel” because that is exactly what we will do.

If you are alone it takes a lot of courage to go on vacation, let alone go to a completely different country or even another continent. But don’t let that spoil your dreams because we really want to make those dreams come true and we will literally hold your hand all the way. Think of it as coming to stay with a long lost friend.

If you are nervous about travel we will even come to Paris and meet you at the airport. We will show you around, we’ll include you in as much or as little as you want of our family life. You can dine with us and sip local wine by the fire in our sitting room. In short you can have all the comforts of a stay with an extended family but at the same time we’ll respect your privacy and your own space whenever you wish.

Just imagine you don’t have to be nervous, you can have that trip of a lifetime as a single person, that holiday you have dreamt of. Think of all of those books you have read, magazines and blogs you have devoured, well now it really can finally come true. We will make it real and what’s more it will give us an enormous amount of pleasure to do so. There is something incredible special in helping others and giving them a chance to make their dreams come true. We are here to help with all the planning right from the beginning.

For all of our trips you will stay in our extremely comfortable and cosy guest cottage.

For full details and prices or if you simply have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at frenchlife17@gmail.com  

Further general information can also be found on our page ‘Our Guest Cottage’