Our Lifestyle

We are passionate about what we do each day and we believe in sustainable and holistic living.

From time to time we will be sharing lifestyle ideas and tips with you, from throwing the perfect picnic to entertaining with friends.

Our passion for gardening and growing, producing and cooking seasonal vegetables drives our vision of life that we share with our children. In our own way we are guiding them and educating them, showing them the different lifestyle choices that are available throughout their childhood and beyond.

Produce we cannot grow ourselves we source – whenever possible – from local markets and growers. This not only ensures it is fresh and full of flavour, but it also fulfils our need to know where our goodness comes from.

Above all, we truly believe that we can taste the difference when we eat natural, organic food. This goodness begins long before it gets to our table, it starts with healthy soil that is untouched by herbicides or pesticides, a natural ecosystem where weeds are a part of daily life.

But Our French Lifestyle is not all about food, even though it is a vital ingredient in our lives. It is also about appreciating the simple things in life and including an acknowledgment of the history that surrounds us; rather than taking it for granted we must sometimes make a conscious effort to realise how lucky we are.

And part of that is knowing that we are truly blessed to be surrounded by loving family and friends.