About Us

Several years ago our French adventure began when we moved with our five children to the Charente Maritime. We live just a few kilometres from the coast, far enough inland to escape the summer crowds, and rural enough for an enjoyable French country life. We’re close enough to the ocean to have seagulls circle overhead, and fortunate that our home and garden benefit immensely from the area’s unique micro climate.

In short, we get the best of all worlds; we have the glitz and glamour of summer beach-life during July and August, and easy access to numerous towns and cities including Rochefort, La Rochelle, Royan and Saintes; but at the same time we also enjoy the beauty of the surrounding farmland, coupled with the charm of living in the heart of a village.

We like to think we live a healthy and full life, and we try to make the most of every day. Focusing on the little things that give us so much pleasure, and having a lot of fun!